GUNAI GN26 500W Bafang Motor 17.5AH Samsung Battery Step-Through Electric Bike

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48V 17.5AH Samsung built-in battery

Long-lasting 48V 17.5AH Samsung built-in battery. It takes only 6-8 hours to charge and has a range of 35-45 kilometres in electric mode and 60-90 kilometres in pedal assist mode. With this e-bike, you can enjoy an efficient and relaxing mode of transport.

Adjustable Suspension Fork

Featuring a top of the line adjustable suspension fork with high performance and shock absorption for a smooth and comfortable ride. With it, your riding experience will be taken to the next level.

Double Disc Brakes

Ride with confidence on the GUNAI GN26 Step-Through Electric Bike. Equipped with a powerful 500W Bafang motor and a long-lasting 17.5AH Samsung battery, this e-bike is perfect for long-distance rides. The double disc brakes offer superior stopping power, making your rides safe and secure.

500W Bafang Motor

Featuring a state-of-the-art BAFANG motor with a continuous power output of 500 W and a peak power of up to 1,000 W. Designed for off-roading, this powerful motor delivers an impressive 80n. m of torque at a maximum speed of 42km/h. It lets you conquer steep slopes effortlessly. With BAFANG's three pedal frequency, speed and torque sensors, you get optimum support in any situation. Despite its compact size, this rear-mounted engine is exceptionally efficient and robust.

Customer Reviews

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michelle watts
Super satisfied

Very good value for money
I have been riding for several days and I like this bike very much. Switching between gears is simple and convenient.

Mr. Wayland
Best service

Hello, I am very satisfied with my purchase. This is a great bike with very good results. It will be here soon. The seller is listening to all your questions.

Louna Marchand

I am very satisfied with my purchase, it worth very. The customer service was very good.

Alycia Waelchi
It is totally recommended

The battery has a long battery life, 5 hours of charging, so I can take it almost anywhere with its thick wheels. A speed of up to 40 km/h is allowed, but this also depends on the weight of the cyclist and the location. The bicycle display shows the battery level, speed, mileage and gear settings. This bicycle is easy to ride.

Worth to buy

The bicycle was assembled in 20 minutes. It's fast and easy. The quality is very good and the power of the engine is very good! Riding a bicycle is fun. fair price.