GUNAI MX03 1000W Dual Shock Absorption Fat Bike Electric Mountain Bike

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Country: EU

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The GUNAI MX03 1000W Dual Shock Absorption Fat Bike Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with a full suspension system that effectively absorbs shocks, resulting in a smooth and bump-free ride on uneven terrain.

Removable 48V17AH Lithium-ion Battery

Experience the convenience of a removable 48V17AH Li-Ion battery and enjoy a range of 35-50 kilometres and a fast charging time of 4-6 hours with this bike, perfect for your outdoor adventures.

26*4.0 Fat Tires

To adapt to any terrain and conquer it with ease, the Gunai MX03 1000W Dual Shock Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike features a 26*4.0 fat tyre and shock absorbing fork that absorbs shock for a smooth ride. The unrivalled braking power of the front and rear oil brakes ensures a safe and controlled ride every time.

The ultimate experience

A rear shock absorber and hydraulic oil brakes make for a smooth and comfortable ride. The bright LED headlight and taillight make you more visible on the road for a safer ride, while the 7-speed derailleur and removable wings make it easy to navigate any terrain for added convenience

Customer Reviews

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Perfektes Spaßrad

Die Lieferung war gut verpackt, leider ging der Scheinwerfer bei der Lieferung kaputt. Dies wurde aber durch direkten Kontakt schnell behoben.

Die 4-Zoll-Reifen waren anfangs etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber dank des robusten Motors macht das Fahren in Wäldern und auf unbefestigten Straßen auf jeden Fall viel Spaß.

Die Montage ist mit dem mitgelieferten Werkzeug einfach. Die Anleitung ist in mehreren Sprachen verfügbar.

Das einfache, aber sehr brauchbare Display erlaubt es, fast alle Parameter auf die eigenen Bedürfnisse einzustellen.

Wenn man die Erwartungen mit dem Preis in Einklang bringen kann, wird man unendlich viel Spaß damit haben! Tolles Rad, toller Service!

Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

Good bike for commuting

Received the bike a few days ago and already have over 50km on it. There were a few problems with it right out of the box. The taillight was broken off, a few scratches and installation problems. I sent messages to the customer support and they were really well responsive and after a few pictures, they assisted me very well. overall very satisfying bike

Piia Kytökorpi
Good e-bike

Quite good bike considering the price. A lot of power from the motor.
A few issues straight from the box. The chain was installed in a figure 8, so I had to cut the chain and reconnect it again with quick links. Back shifter was just slapped on with the screws loose and not adjusted at all. Brakes needs to be adjusted. Seems to be air in the system or lack of brake fluids.

Miska Valkonen
Very good bike for the price

I have been riding this bike for couple of months now. It is surprisingly good considering the price. It has a good range, power, suspension and transmission. It works very well on both gravel and snow. I have been riding the bike on very cold conditions, -10 degrees celsius, without any problems. I'm loving it, definitely recommend.

Great e-bike

Great e-bike!!!! I recommend this bike. Super!! I am very, very satisfied.